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Hey there 👋🏼!

I'm Basma, your expert Product Designer, specializing in transforming ideas into visually stunning, user-friendly creations that capture attention and elevate experiences. 🌟🎨👩‍🎨


With 9+ years in product design, I bring innovative, tailored solutions to each unique challenge. Collaborating closely, I ensure your vision is realized with fresh, impactful approaches. 🌟🛠️💡

UX Research

I offer in-depth UX research services, utilizing user testing, surveys, and analytics to enhance user experience, ensuring your product is intuitive, engaging, and perfectly tailored to your audience's needs.

Product Design

My product design service focuses on crafting aesthetically appealing and highly functional products, ensuring they resonate with users and excel in the competitive market through innovative and user-centric solutions.


I specialize in transforming brands, creating standout logos, eye-catching color schemes, and comprehensive brand books to make your business thrive.

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